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18  Prefixes

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All downloads are given here and some have links to the page where they are described more fully. the reading material pages downloads have moved to the separate reading website www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand-reading.org.uk

On this page:

Shorthand Instructor
Free Shorthand Dictionary
Shorthand Reading Pages

Shorthand Perpetual Calendar
Print Your Own Shorthand Notepad
Flying Fingers Poster
JPGs for Phone
Folded Booklets: Strokes, Vowels & Short Forms

Keep Calm poster GIFs
Shorthand Christmas Card graphics

Shorthand Instructor

The New Era version of the Shorthand Instructor is now available as free PDF download from Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/pitmansshorthand00pitm (please also see their terms of use)

Free Shorthand Dictionary

The Internet Archive has a free download of the Centenary (1913) version of Pitman's, containing about 60,000 words with definitions. I have produce an Update that illustrates all the outlines that are different in New Era, about 3,000, so that you can use the Centenary dictionary for your New Era studies. Further information on Vocabulary Shorthand Dictionaries page

The Centenary dictionary: www.archive.org/details/englishshorthand00pitmiala

Portfolio of 26 files: Dictionary Update Centenary to New Era PDF 20.6 MB

Shorthand Reading Pages

The shorthand reading web pages, and their PDF and MP3 downloads, have moved to www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand-reading.org.uk


Available on Word Lists page, where their contents are described:


All the blog articles are available as zip files of MP3's on the Reading site above.

Shorthand Perpetual Calendar

Pitman's New Era Shorthand perpetual calendar and vocabulary lists

Shorthand Perpetual Calendar PDF 2.9 MB

  • A4 page per month, with a brief shorthand passage and text key, from past masters, and days of the month with blank lines for your entries

  • The text of the 12 passages all on one page with word counts

  • A4 page each of Diary vocabulary & Weather vocabulary

  • Notes on outlines, phrases and contractions used

  • Text lists of the vocabs/notes to facilitate searches

  • Spare lined page

  • Can be used every year as the calendar pages contain no year number or weekday names, the outlines for these are available in the diary vocab list

The aim is to encourage daily use of shorthand, as well as daily reading. Little and often works wonders in learning and consolidating the outlines. The difficulties of January will be reduced in February, and by December entirely forgotten.  If you are pinning up the calendar, keep the two vocab sheets underneath, so you can turn to them instantly for your outline.

It is no hardship to make a daily note of the weather in a few words, and the diary vocab will help with taking phone messages, which enables you to continue listening and speaking without losing any time or attention.

The quotes are also repeated in the Reading site:

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Print Your Own Shorthand Notepad

Print your own shorthand notepad  Print your own shorthand notepad and resource file
Personalised notepad and strokes reminder list with ring binder divider tabs

The pages in the PDF are designed specifically for writing the ideal size of Pitman's Shorthand and enable you to produce your own shorthand pads at low cost, thus encouraging plenty of drill practice which is your key to progress. If you fill in the uncut pages with drill material, you can keep them as masters and produce endless ready-made drill books but you must take the time to check that the shorthand is accurate. Repeating the same exercises is beneficial, as you become accustomed to writing known outlines at speed.

You can choose paper quality that is best for your pen or pencil. A paper that feels smooth may be too absorbent, so test with your ink pen first. The pads need to be bound with long loose treasury tags or smooth cord, so that the pages can turn easily. They are therefore not suitable for important dictations, as the pages under your hand do not sit as firmly or turn as smoothly as they would in a normal spiral bound pad. There are 14 line colours, with margins, a numbered line page, strokes reminder list, cover pages, and A5 ring binder tabs so that you can create your own shorthand resource folder.

Method for keeping a pencil inside a ring binder Shorthander's survival kit
You might try this for keeping a pencil in a ring binder: roll up the pencil in a thin plastic punched pocket (cut to binder height if necessary) and place the pocket holes on the rings with the roll inside the circle of the rings. The pencil can be  kept from falling out with a paperclip, and squeezed out when needed. This is my A5 binder with notes for this website.

Margins are given on both sides to accommodate the space available on A4 paper. As they are principally practice pads, having two margins is ideal for making extra notes or drills of individual outlines. In any case, if you trim off the right margin on one side, the other side of the sheet will lose its left margin, so time is better spent wielding the pen rather than the scissors. A good use for two margins when taking "real life" notes is to have the subject headings or sub-divisions in the right margin, as a quick-find index, and use the left side for other insertions and corrections.

Print Your Own Shorthand Notepad PDF 1 MB, 30 pages

Strokes Reminder List A5 JPG 376 KB This is page 18 of the above PDF. You could print this extra small for your wallet or purse, or laminate it so you can attach it to any surface, or edit the columns to produce a slim laminated bookmark.

Lines page A4 black GIF 32 KB This is page 16 of the above PDF. Use this to counteract any shrinking of the page text that your printer may do, or to get your preferred spacing by stretching the image or to produce a notepad with additions, e.g. header or page numbers.

Print Your Own Shorthand Notepad ZIP 2 MB
Contains all the above, plus the covers as GIFs and JPG.

Print Your Own Shorthand Notepad hanging on a hook Handy to hang up in the kitchen for your shorthand shopping list

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Flying Fingers Poster

Poster that serves as strokes revision and self-encouragement, as described on the Dictation page:

Pitman's Shorthand Flying Fingers Poster ZIP 4.3 MB

The above zip file contains

PDF 806 KB   JPG page1 1.1 MB   JPG page2 1.2 MB  Seagulls JPG 1.6 MB

Flying Fingers Poster thumbnail image  Pitmans New Era: Flying fingers seagulls Click thumbnail for 1.6MB Seagulls jpg

Page 2 has a blank box instead of speed dates. The Flying Fingers Seagulls picture is for desktop wallpaper or printing on your teeshirt, notepaper, mousemat, mug, wall decor, etc (for your personal non-commercial home use) to advertise your skills probably more noticeable if you add a caption. These seagulls also appear as a pad cover in the Notepad PDF above.

JPGs for Phone

These are in the proportion 4:6 (1488x2232 px) and are the same as those in the folded booklets below.

Strokes & Vowels JPGs ZIP 530 KB Aug11 = 8 JPGs of all the strokes and vowels

Short Forms JPGs ZIP 1.2 MB 19Feb11 = 16 JPGs of all the short forms

120 Most Frequent Words JPGs ZIP 2.3 MB Jan11 = 16 JPGs of the list in frequency order (PDF is on Word Lists page)

Ipod Touch screen showing JPGs of Pitman New Era Shorthand short forms  Pitman's Shorthand JPG as desktop background
Shorthand practice JPGs for phone or screen. If you reduce their size to 25% (372x558px), they fit nicely on your screen desktop. Having them constantly before your eyes gets them firmly established in your visual memory, the only effort expended is glancing in their direction.

Safety first, shorthand second! www.stoptextsstopwrecks.org

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Folded Booklets: Strokes, Vowels & Short Forms

These are small booklets of all the strokes, vowel and short forms 6.5x9.5cm/2x4", to keep in your pocket or purse, to enable you to read and practice in spare moments when you are away from your study material.

There are also empty ruled pages, so that you can produce your own pocket-sized reading material, copying out passages from your shorthand books. These can also be used for unobtrusive practice, going over the outlines with a hard pencil that makes virtually no mark.

Folded Booklets Strokes, Vowels & Short Forms PDF 0.9 MB (19 May 2017)

The 120 Most Frequent Word List on the Word Lists page is also presented as folded  booklets.

Demonstration of making up the booklets on http://www.youtube.com/LucyPaintbox

Pitman's New Era Shorthand folded books  short forms, strokes & vowels

Keep Calm Carry On Writing Pitman's Shorthand - Poster and Bookmark

These go with the blog article of 17 Feb 2013 on the Reading website Keep Calm Carry On Writing. All are in flat colour, easy to edit to your preference. The Nibs Crown is in smoother detail so you can make your own version of the poster:

Keep Calm And Carry On Writing Pitman's Shorthand - poster  Keep Calm And Carry On Writing Pitman's Shorthand - bookmark
Keep Calm Poster GIF 65 KB       Keep Calm Bookmark GIF 36 KB

Keep Calm nibs crown
Keep Calm Nibs Crown GIF 24 KB

Shorthand Christmas Card Graphics

These graphics go with the blog article "Shorthand Christmas Cards" www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand-reading.org.uk/blog-pages/blog-2012-11.htm regarding making your own cards with shorthand outlines on, to publicise your new skill and intrigue those who have never seen shorthand before. They are just a sample of what you might do with your own photos and creative ideas. Click the thumbnails to get the high resolution image:


Tree: Peace on Earth, Goodwill To All Mankind - BMP  1.6 MB
Snow: Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year - BMP 1.5 MB
Berries: Season's Greetings BMP - 919 KB

Christmas Card Wordings - GIF 53KB
This is in flat colour, so you can use Colour Replace easily. The horizontal pad line and all vowels are given, but it is much neater if these are mostly edited out in your final version.

More Christmas-related shorthand outlines can be gained from the Christmas Carols, Christmas Story and Bible Reading Pages on www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand-reading.org.uk

With compact shorthand study material in your pocket, you can:

Shorthand study booklet - Update your status

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"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things." (Philippians 4:8)

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