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If you are searching for a particular outline, you may prefer to go to the Shorthand Dictionaries page and download the dictionary PDFs, which will give you 60,000 outlines to choose from. If the word is not in that dictionary, you might still find it in one of the website pages, using the search box above. A web page search will also find particular phrases for you, especially the Phrasing pages which have many examples.

There are over 10,000 shorthand outlines on this site - theory examples and reading pages. They all have their longhand text underneath them. The theory examples will mostly show up in the search results as a line of grammatically unconnected words. Word lists within PDFs are now listed in bulk on the Vocabulary Text Lists from PDFs page, so if you land there, you need to open the appropriate PDF and search within it.

You could also use the search box in my Shorthand BlogSpot to find the outline in one of the articles there.

The search will take you to the results page hosted by Freefind www.freefind.com  i.e. you will be leaving this website, and only returning to it when you click on a search result link. All other links and information on the Freefind pages are the responsibility of Freefind.

I chose Freefind because the results page does not present you with random intrusive adverts.

If you use Freefind on your own website, you need to request it to re-spider your site each time you add material, so that their index of your site is up-to-date.

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