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The word lists and their shorthand outlines are designed for you to add to your shorthand resource file and most are laid out to fit an A5 ring binder. Ring binder separator tabs can be printed from the PDF "Print Your Own Shorthand Notepad" on the Downloads page.

As the pages of words and shorthand are scanned images, I have also included a real text list within the PDFs to enable searching.

This material is for shorthand learning only and is not suitable for academic word frequency research.

150 Common Words An approximation of the 200 commonest words, with all the
short forms removed, and derivatives, similar words and some
phrases added in, bringing the total to 772 entries. The 150 headwords plus the 70 most-used short forms cover approximately 80% of everyday speech. These 70 short forms are shown separately at the end of the list.

Lists vary and where choices have had to be made, some nouns have been dropped and grammatical parts of speech retained, as being more useful for the shorthand writer.

150 Common Words PDF 3 MB (23 Jan 2017)
850 Basic English Words

Also known as Simple English, Simplified English and Ogden's Basic English, this list of root-words was compiled in 1930 so that all meanings can be expressed in simple words, and provides a beginner's vocabulary for those learning English as a foreign language. The PDF contains additional derivatives and phrases, making a total of 937 outlines.

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_English and http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Basic_English_word_list

850 Basic English Words PDF 3 MB (23 Jan 2017)
Calendar Shorthand perpetual calendar, A4 page per month with shorthand quotes, plus a page each of Diary and Weather vocabulary lists. Description on Downloads page.


Shorthand Perpetual Calendar PDF 2.9 MB (27 Dec 2010)
120 Most Frequent Words Mini folded booklets in 3 versions:
  • Numbered list as 2 booklets
  • Numbered list as A4/A5 pages
  • As facility drill booklets with blue or red outlines
  • Notes on outlines & text list
  • Blank lined booklets

The list is in approximate frequency order, plus some derivatives, and includes the short forms occurring, making a total of 182 outlines. Main list also available as JPGs for your phone, see Downloads page. These outlines should cover half of everyday speech, with the first 25 covering a third.

120 Most Frequent Words PDF 3 MB (19 May 2017)

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