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PAGE DATE 24 June 2017

Searching for a shorthand outline?

This page gives text lists for those parts of PDFs that do not appear on any other page in this website, to enable those words to show up in searches, either via my Search Box or Search Page, or through an internet search engine. This will help you find the shorthand outline that you are after.

All shorthand on this website has its text underneath, but if your search brings you to this page, you will know which PDF contains the sought-for outline.

In some PDFs the material uses a scanned page, and in those cases the text list is given on the last page of the PDF, so that you can (a) search for words within the PDF once it is open and (b) clipboard the text for your own layout purposes.

The 120 Frequent/150 Common/850 Basic list PDFs contain derivatives, so there are actually more words than the figure in the title.

Text List: 120 Most Frequent Words – Shorthand PDF on Word Lists page

a about after all also am an and any are as at back be because been before being but by came can can’t cannot come coming could day did do does doing done down each even find first firstly for found from get give/n giving go going good great greater greatest had has have he her herself him himself his how however I if in into is it it’s its itself just knew know like little long longer longest look made make man many may me men might more most mostly much must my myself new no not now of on one oneself only or other our ours ourself ourselves out over own owned owner person personal said say saying says see seen she should so some such take than that the their them themselves then there these they thing think this those thought through time to two up us use very want wanted was way we well were what when where which who whom will with woman women work would year you your yours yourself yourselves (177 words)

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Text List: 150 Common Words – Shorthand PDF on Word Lists page

about act acted acting action active actively activity actor acts actual actually add added adder adding addition additional additionally additive adds aforesaid after afters afterwards again against air aired airing airline airs airy almighty along alongside also altogether animal animals another anyway anywhere appointment around ask asked asking asks at away awhile back backed backer backing backs backup backwards before beforehand beforetime began begin beginner beginning begins belittle belittled below between big bigger biggest both boy boyfriend boyhood boyish boys by came causal causative cause caused causeless causer causes causeway causing change changeable changed changeless changeover changes changing day daylight days daytime depict did didn’t differ differed differing differs does don’t done down downhill downright downwards each elsewhere end ended ending endless ends even evening evenly evenness evens every everyone everything everywhere export exported exporter father fathered fatherhood fathering fatherland fatherly fathers few fewer fewest fewness find finder finding finds follow followed follower following follows form formed former formerly forming forms found founder gainsaid get gets getting good goodbye goodly goodness goodnight goods goodwill got gotten handmade he help helped helper helpful helping helpless helps her here hereabouts herewith hers herself high higher highest highly hire home homeless home-made homes homework hot hotbed hotheaded hothouse hotly hotness hotspot hotter hottest house housed houses housing I if he can import imported importer in-between inset interest interested interesting interests international into its just justice justify justly justness kind kinder kindest kindly kinds knew know knowable knowhow knowing knowingly knowledge knowledgeable known knows land landed landing landlord landowner lands landscape last lasted lasting lastlingly lastly lasts leave leaver leaves leaving left left-hand left-handed life lifeless lifelike light lighted lighten lightening lighter lightest lighthouse lighting lightly lightness lightning lights like liked likely liken likened likeness likes liking line lineal linear lined liner lines lining little littleness lives load long longed longer longest longing longs look looked looker looking lookout looks louring low lowed lower lowered lowering lowest lowing lowly lows made make maker makes makeup making man manhood manifold mankind manly manmade many may maybe mayhap mean meaning meanness means meant meantime meanwhile men midday might mightily mighty mine mistake mistaken mistook misuse mother mothered mothering mothers movable move moved movement mover moves moving must mustn’t my name named namely names naming nation national nationalisation nations nationwide need needed needing needless needs never nevermore nevertheless new newcomer newer newest newly news newspaper no nohow not now nowadays nowhere off offchance offhand old older oldest old-fashioned oldish oldness once one oneness ones oneself onlooker only onset or other others otherwise out outer outing outlook outset outwards overtake part parted parter parting partly partner parts person personable personal personality personnel persons picture pictured pictures picturing place placed placement places placing play played player playful playing plays point pointed pointer pointing pointless points port portable portal porter ports possibility possible rainwater read read readable reader reading reads real realisation realise realism realistic reality really remove rework right right-angle righted rightful right-hand right-handed righting rightly rights round roundabout rounded rounders roundest roundhouse rounding roundly rounds round-table round-up said same sameness saw say saying says see seeing seem seemed seeming seemly seems seen sees self self-confidence self-control self-interest selfless selflessly selflessness self-made self-respect selves set sets setter setting setup she show showed showing shown shows since small smaller smallest smallness so some somebody somehow someone something sometime somewhat somewhere somewhere so-so sound sounded sounding soundless soundly sounds spell spelled speller spelling spells spelt stand standard standby stander standing stands still stilled stillness stood such suchlike take taken take-over taker takes taking than then thence these they thought thoughtful thoughtfully thoughtless thoughts three threefold threesome thrice through throughout through-put time timed timeless timely timer times timing to us together togetherness took tried trier tries try tryer trying turn turnaround turned turner turning turnover turns uneven unhelpful unjust unknown unlikely unmoved unnamed unreadable unreal unrealistic unsaid unseen unsound unwanted unwell up upper upwards us usable usage use used useful useless user uses using want wanted wanting wants water watered watering waterproof waters watery way ways welcome welcomed welcomer welcoming well welled well-known wells went were weren’t where whereabouts wherever while whiling whilst wilful wilfully will willed willing willingly wills woman women work worked worker working works world worldly worlds worldwide write writes writing written wrote (714 words)

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Text List 850 Basic English – Shorthand PDF on Word Lists page

a able about account acid across act addition additional adjustment advertise advertised advertisement after again against agreement air all almost although altogether amazement among amongst amount amusement an and angle angry angular animal answer ant any anything apparatus apple approval arch argument arm army art as at attack attempt attention attraction authority automatic automatically awake baby back bad bag balance balanced ball band base basin basket bath be beautiful because bed bee before behaviour belief believe believed bell bent berry between bird birth bit bite bitter black blade blood blow blue board boat body boiling bone book boot bottle box boy brain brake branch brass bread breath brick bridge bright broken brother brown brush bucket build building bulb burn burst business but butter button by cake camera canvas card care cared carriage cart cat cause certain chain chalk chance change cheap cheese chemical chest chief chiefly chin church circle circular clean clear clock cloth cloud coal coat cold collar color colour comb come comfort comfortable coming committee common company comparison competition complete complex condition conditional connection conscious control cook copper copy cord cork cotton cough country cover cow crack credit crime criminal cruel crush cry cup current curtain curved cushion cut damage dangerous dark daughter day dead dear dearest death debt decision deep degree delicate dependent design desire destruction detail development difference different differently digestion direction dirty discover discovery discussion disease disgust distance distribution division do dog doing door doubt doubts down drain drawer dress drink driving drop dry dust ear early earth east edge education effect egg elastic electric electrical electricity end endless engine enough equal equalled equally error even event ever every everything example exchange exchanged existence expansion experience expert eye eyeing eyes face fact fall false family far farm fat father fear feather feeble feeling female fertile fertility fiction field fight finger fire first firsthand firstly fish fixed flag flame flat flight floor flower fly fold food foolish foot for force fork form forward fowl frame free frequent friend from front fruit full future garden general generalisation generally get girl give given giving glass glove go goat going gold golden good govern government grain grass gray great greater greatest green grey grip group growth guide gun hair hammer hand hanging happy harbor harbour hard harmony hat hate have having he head healthy hearing heart heat help here high history hole hollow hook hope horn horse hospital hour hourly house how however humor humour I ice iced idea if ill importance important impulse in increase industry ink insect instrument insurance interest invention iron island jelly jewel join journey judge jump keep kettle key kick kind kiss knee knife knot knowledge knowledgeable land language last late laugh law lead leaf learning leather led left leg let letter level library lift light like limit line linen lip liquid list little living lock long look loose loss loud love low machine make male man manager map mark market married mass match material may meal measure meat medical medicine meeting memory metal middle military milk mind mine minute mist mixed money monkey month moon morning mother motion mountain mouth move much muscle music nail name narrow nation national natural near nearly necessary neck need needle needless nerve net new news night nights no noise normal north nose not note nothing now number numbered numbering nut observation observe of off offer office oil old on only open operation opinion opposite or orange order organisation organise ornament other out oven over own owner ownership page pain paint paper parallel parcel part past paste payment peace pen pencil person personal personnel physical picture pig pin pipe place plane plant plate play please pleasurable pleasure plough ploughed plow plowed pocket point poison polish political poor porter position possible pot potato powder powders power present price print prison private probability probable probably process produce production productive profit property prose protest public publication publish published publisher pull pump punishment purpose push put quality question quick quiet quite rail rain range rat rate ray reaction reading ready reason receipt record red regret regular regularly relation religion represent representation representative represented request respect respective responsibilities responsibility responsible rest reward rewarded rhythm rice right ring river road rod roll roof room root rough round rub rule run sad safe said sail salt same sand say scale school schooled science scissors screw sea seat second secret secretary see seed seem seen selection self self-confidence self-respect send sense sent separate serious servant sex shade shake shame sharp sheep shelf ship shirt shock shoe short shut side sign silk silver simple sister size skin skirt sky sleep slip slope slow small smash smell smile smoke smooth snake sneeze snow so soap society sock soft solid some son song sort sound soup south space spade special specially sponge spoon spring square stage stamp star start statement station stationary stationery steam steel stem step stick sticky stiff still stitch stocking stomach stone stop store story straight strange stranger street stretch strong structure substance such sudden suddenly sugar suggested suggestion summer sun support surprise surprised sweet swim system systematic table tail take talk tall taste tax taxation teaching tendency test than that that the then theory there thick thin thing this though thought thread throat through thumb thunder ticket tight till time tin tired to toe together tomorrow tongue too tooth top touch town trade train transport tray tree trick trouble trousers true truth turn twist two umbrella under unit unnecessary up use value verse very vessel view violent voice waiting walk wall war warm wash waste watch water wave wax way weather week weight well west wet wheel when whenever where wherever while whilst whip whistle white who whoever why wide will wind window wine wing winter wire wise with woman women wood wool word work worm wound writing wrong year yearly yellow yes yesterday you young younger youngster (973 words)

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Text List: Shorthand Perpetual Calendar – Shorthand PDF on Downloads page:

(a) Calendar - Diary:

afternoon airport anniversary apartment appointment approximately arrange arranged arrangements ask asked attend attended aunt auntie baby bank birthday book booked booking brother buy bought call called cancel cancelled car card celebrate celebrated celebration check checked church collect collected college conference confirm confirmed dad day daytime deadline delay delayed deliver delivered dentist doctor drive drove due early email emailed enquire enquired enquiry evening exam examination expect expected father fetch fetched find found finish finished flight friend garage get got gotten grandfather grandmother hear heard home homework hospital house interview interviewed journey late later letter mail mailed make made Master Miss meet meeting met message morning mother Mr Mrs mum next night night-time note noted nurse nursery office order ordered organise organised parcel party pay paid payment phone phoned post posted pre-school present ready receive received remember remembered remind reminder request requested reservation reserve reserved return returned ring rang school see saw send sent service serviced shop shopped shopping sister soon sort sorted start started take took taxi teacher telephone telephoned text texted ticket train trip tutor uncle urgent visit visitor walk walked wedding write wrote Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday January February March April May June July August September October November December (203 words)

(b) Calendar - Weather:

afternoon anticyclone atmosphere atmospheric average becoming better bitter bitterly black ice blizzard blowy blue blustery breeze breezy bright brighten changeable chilly clear clearing cloud cover cold colder continuing cool cooler cyclone damp damper dangerous dangerously dark darker dawn decrease developing dew dewy downpour drier drift drifted drizzle drought dry dusk east easterly eastern evening fine flash flood fog foggy followed by forecast foul freeze freezing fresh frost frosty frozen gale gale-force glaze gloomy gradually grey gust gusty hail hailstones hailstorm hard haze hazy heat heatwave heavier heavy high high pressure higher hoarfrost hot hotter hottest humid humidity hurricane ice icicle icy improve improved improving increase intermittent later less light lighten lightening lightning low lower melt melted midday mild milder mist misty mizzle moderate moderately more morning muggy night noon normal north northerly northern overcast overnight patchy period pleasantly precipitation prolonged rain raining rainy rapid rapidly risk risk of rumble settled shower showery significantly sky sleet sleety slight slightly slippery slowly slush smog snow snowed snowfall snowflake snowing snowstorm snowy soft south southerly southern sticky storm stormy strong sudden sun sunshine temperature thaw thawed thawing thermometer thunder thundered tornado typhoon unsettled unusual unusually usual usually violent visibility warm warmer warning weak weakening weather week west westerly western wet wetter widespread wind winds windy wintry worse worsen (215 words)

(c) Calendar - Notes on Outlines:

afternoon anything attainment become becoming capable careful carefully character characteristic danger destruction emailed English evening fatal favoured favourite firmly formally freezing frozen futile gradually greatly high higher hire human humane individual individually insensibility insensible insensibly interested interesting juxtapose juxtaposition knowledge learned learnčd mailed manuscript maximum minimum Misses moderate moment month Mrs necessary neglect neglected never next nothing object objected overcome overcoming peculiar peculiarly pleasant pleasing practice practiced practise practised pressure rattan received rotten rotting routine routing satisfaction shorthand snowy stranger sunny time together unnecessary unpleasant week writing written (88 words)

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Text List: Flying Fingers Poster – Shorthand PDF on Downloads page

ambitiously assiduously boldly carefully cheerfully dependably eagerly everywhere flowingly happily hawk-like judiciously legibly meticulously neatly perfectly pleasurably quickly rapidly sanguinely sharply smoothly thoughtfully tirelessly unerringly unhesitatingly usefully voraciously willingly wisely zealously (31 words)

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"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things." (Philippians 4:8)

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