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Page date 21 October 2015
dangerous dangers Pitman's New Era: dangerous dangers  
deafish deficient Pitman's New Era: deafish deficient "deficient" is a contraction
dearest truest
Pitman's New Era: dearest truest "Dear" = short form, so remains on the line
defect difficulty
"side-effect" does not use the F/V Hook abbreviation described in Phrasing2/effect
defer devour differ Pitman's New Era: defer devour differ  
deflect diffract Pitman's New Era: deflect diffract  
defray devour Pitman's New Era: defray devour  
dehumanise demonise Pitman's New Era: dehumanise demonise Vowel
desert/dessert deserted
Pitman's New Era: desert desert/dessert deserted desert = sand
desert = abandon
dessert = abandon or reward/a pudding

Use little cross next to (or in place of*) the vowel, to denote the accented syllable

(*Not orthodox theory to replace the vowel)

destiny destination distinction Pitman's New Era: destiny destination distinction  
destruction distraction
Pitman's New Era: destruction distraction  
detract detriment determined
Pitman's New Era: detract detriment determined  
defence/defense defiance advance Pitman's New Era: defence/se defiance advance  
defend divined Pitman's New Era: defend divined  
defined definite Pitman's New Era: defined definite  
deified edified
deification edification
Pitman's New Era: deified edified deification edification  
describe transcribe Pitman's New Era: describe transcribe The R is omitted in "transcribe" to provide a distinction


Pitman's New Era: description descriptions transcription

Pitman's New Era: discourse

The contraction for "description" is only used for the singular, as adding a circle S would make it look too similar to "discourse"


deserve disserve Pitman's New Era: deserve disserve deserve = merit
disserve = to give wrong or harmful service

An exceptional use of Circle Ses

destroyed distraught Pitman's New Era: destroyed distraught  
deviate divide
deviation division
Pitman's New Era: deviate divide deviation division  
dialogue duologue Pitman's New Era: dialogue duologue Dialogue refers to 2 or more people, duologue only 2 people. The downward L is used purely to differentiate.
dictatee dictator
Pitman's New Era: dictatee dictator Vowel. "Dictatee" (not in dictionary) has two stroke Tees, "dictator" has a Tee doubled to add the suffix "-tor"
disappears disperse Pitman's New Era: disappears disperse  
Pitman's New Era: disorient = disorientate, same meaning
disease disseize decease desire
Pitman's New Era: disease disseize decease desire disseize means to dispossess wrongfully
diseased disseized deceased desired
Pitman's New Era: diseased disseized deceased desired  
distorting disturbing Pitman's New Era: distorting disturbing  
discard discredit Pitman's New Era: discard discredit  
door tower Pitman's New Era: door tower  
dozen thousand Pitman's New Era: dozen thousand See also Vocabulary/Numbers
dullness idleness Pitman's New Era: dullness idleness  
Dunbar Edinburgh Pitman's New Era: Dunbar Edinburgh Edinburgh can be pronounced both
-burra and -bra
during through Pitman's New Era: during through  
earnestly erroneously
Pitman's New Era: earnestly erroneously  
earth world
Pitman's New Era: earth world  
eastward seaward Pitman's New Era: eastward seaward  
efface face features
efface face features Vowel
elaborate laboured
Pitman's New Era: elaborate laboured  
elder leader Pitman's New Era: elder leader  
elsewise otherwise Pitman's New Era: elsewise otherwise "Elsewhere" is written similarly, but "else" on its own is written upwards.
email mail Position is sufficient without the vowel
emailed mailed Pitman's New Era: emailed mailed Vowel
emigrant migrant immigrant
Pitman's New Era: emigrant migrant immigrant Repeat the stroke for "immigrant"
emigrate migrate immigrate
Pitman's New Era: emigrate migrate immigrate Repeat the stroke for "immigrate"
enabled, unable to Pitman's New Era: enabled unable to Vowel
end need ended  needed
Pitman's New Era: end ended need needed Vowel
endless endlessly needless needlessly Pitman's New Era: endless(ly) needless(ly)  
endangered, in danger
Pitman's New Era: endangered, in danger Probably better not to phrase "in danger"
endow endue
Pitman's New Era: endow endue
England Netherlands Pitman's New Era: England Netherlands "England" is a contraction, omitting the hard G sound
Pitman's New Era: Englander Netherlander inlander  
enjoyable knowledgeable*


Pitman's New Era: enjoyable knowledgeable Vowel

See also
notable List3

ensign inn-sign Pitman's New Era: ensign inn-sign  
epitomist optimist pessimist Pitman's New Era: epitomist optimist pessimist  
Pitman's New Era: especial establish,established,establishment "especial" and "established" are the ones that may be misread, as adjectives
erroneous ruinous Pitman's New Era: erroneous ruinous  
evacuation eviction Pitman's New Era: evacuation eviction  
eventually evidently
Pitman's New Era: eventually evidently  
ever however further
ever however further  
evergreen overgrown Pitman's New Era: evergreen overgrown  
evict evacuate vacate Pitman's New Era: evict evacuate vacate  
exaltation exultation Pitman's New Era: exaltation exultation exaltation = 2nd vowel is "awl" = the state of being elevated in rank or dignity, from Latin "altus" high

exultation = 2nd vowel is "ull" = rejoicing, from Latin "exsultare" to leap for joy

exercise exorcise exorcism Pitman's New Era: exercie exorcise exorcism "Exorcise" is written thus to enable the formation of the derivative "exorcism"
exist insist necessitate
Pitman's New Era: exist insist necessitate  
exit gate
Pitman's New Era: exit gate  
expand expend extend
Pitman's New Era: expand expend extend Vowel
expansion extension extenuation
Pitman's New Era: expansion extension extenuation expansion = an increase in size volume, scope

extension = stretching out to greater length

extenuation = making thinner, less important or less serious

expenditure* expense expensive*

*Short forms

Pitman's New Era: expenditure expense expensive "expense" and "expensive" are unlikely to clash as they are different parts of speech
experience exuberance Pitman's New Era: experience exuberance  
explain expound explain expound  
extract extricate Pitman's New Era: extract extricate Vowel
eyes eyesight
Pitman's New Era: eyes eyesight  
facility falsity falsehood Pitman's New Era: facility falsity falsehood  
faintish fiendish Finnish Pitman's New Era: faintish fiendish Finnish Outlines are practically identical, as there is little room to move the dot down to 3rd place. A non-theory alternative would be to write "fiendish" with the Ish through the line, ensuring the F starts just below the line to prevent a clash with "Finnish". Alternatively use F + halved Nd + Downward Ish.
faithful unthankful Pitman's New Era: faithful unthankful  
fallen felon Pitman's New Era: fallen felon  
family female Pitman's New Era: family female  
farewell furlough Pitman's New Era: farewell furlough  
farmer framer
Pitman's New Era: farmer framer See also "former" and "firmer" below
farther further
Pitman's New Era: farther further "Farther" refers to distance.

"Further" refers to distance and also means "additional"

fatal futile vital


fatally futilely vitally


fatality futility vitality

Pitman's New Era: fatal futile vital

Pitman's New Era: fatally futilely vitally

Pitman's New Era: fatality futility vitality

Note that "futilely" repeats the L stroke
favoured favourite

Pitman's New Era: favoured favourite  
fieriness furnace Pitman's New Era: fieriness furnace  
film volume
Pitman's New Era: film volume  
filtered filtrate
Pitman's New Era: filtered filtrate Vowel
final official Pitman's New Era: final official  
fingering finger-ring Pitman's New Era: fingering finger-ring  
fireman foreman Pitman's New Era: fireman foreman  
firs furs furze Pitman's New Era: firs furze Furze is an older name for the gorse bush
fiscal physical Pitman's New Era: fiscal physical  
fixed focussed
Pitman's New Era: fixed focussed  
follower policy Pitman's New Era: follower policy  
forget forgive/n
forgo forego
Pitman's New Era: forget forgive forgo forego Vowel

forgo = give up, resign or do without

forego = go before, precede e.g. "foregone conclusion"

former (previous)
former (one who forms)
Pitman's New Era: former former firmer See "farmer" and "framer" above
formerly formally Pitman's New Era: formerly formally Always include the R regardless of local pronunciation
forward froward Pitman's New Era: forward froward  
frail virile Pitman's New Era: frail virile  


Pitman's New Era: Frances Fran Franciscan

Pitman's New Era: Francis/France's

frantic phrenetic Pitman's New Era: frantic phrenetic  
freezing frozen Pitman's New Era: freezing frozen  
Pitman's New Era: friendless friendlessness Same outline for both words. Being different parts of speech they should not clash. If necessary, add in a disjoined  "ness" for clarification
friendly frontal Pitman's New Era: friendly frontal  
funeral funereal Pitman's New Era: funeral funereal  
Gaelic Gallic Pitman's New Era: Gaelic Gallic Gaelic = language of Celts in Ireland  & Scotland

Gallic = of Gaul = France

garnet granite
Pitman's New Era: garnet granite  
gem diamond adamantine
Pitman's New Era: gem diamond adamantine  
gent gents Pitman's New Era: gent gents Add vowel to distinguish from gentleman/gentlemen below.

See agent  List 1

genteel gentle Gentile Pitman's New Era: genteel gentle Gentile  
gentleman gentlemen giant
Pitman's New Era: gentleman gentlemen giant Position of the short forms follows the vowel in "man" and "men".

See also agent List 1

ghastly ghostly Pitman's New Era: Vowels helpful
girth growth Pitman's New Era: girth growth  
glass glazed Pitman's New Era: glass glazed  
glowing golden Pitman's New Era: glowing golden Vowel helpful
god guide
Pitman's New Era: god guide Vowel
god-like godly Pitman's New Era: god-like godly  
goodness guidance Pitman's New Era: goodness guidance  
gradually greatly
Pitman's New Era: gradually greatly  
granted guaranteed
Pitman's New Era: granted guaranteed  
habitation habituation Pitman's New Era: habitation habituation  
hardy hearty
Pitman's New Era: hardy hearty  
hardly heartily
Pitman's New Era: hardly heartily  
healing health
Pitman's New Era: healing health  
heavenly slovenly Pitman's New Era: heavenly slovenly  
heavenliness slovenliness Pitman's New Era: heavenliness slovenliness  
heavy solid slight Pitman's New Era: heavy solid  
heightened high-toned Pitman's New Era: heightened high-toned high-toned = downward Hay because derived from "high"
heron hunter Pitman's New Era: heron hunter Vowel
heterogeneous hydrogenous
Pitman's New Era: heterogeneous hydrogenous  
higher hire Pitman's New Era: higher hire Although the pronunciations are identical, "higher" is written thus because it is a derivative. The vowel sound that follows the diphthong in "hire" is considered to be part of the "R"
Highland Holland
island Holy Land
Pitman's New Era: Highland Holland island, Holy Land  
hill hole hollow Pitman's New Era: hill hole hollow  
holiness wholeness Pitman's New Era: holiness wholeness Vowel
Pitman's New Era: homogeneous homogenous homogeneous = accent on "jeen"

homogenous = accent on "moj"

Both same meaning

honestly nicely
Pitman's New Era: honestly nicely Vowel
hostel hotel Pitman's New Era: hostel hotel  
hourly really Pitman's New Era: Vowel
human humane
Pitman's New Era: human humane Position follows the last vowel, to gain a distinction.

See also woman women List4

See also inhuman inhumane List3

hydraulic hydro-electric Pitman's New Era: hydraulic hydro-electric "Electric" is a contraction
hypertension hypotension Pitman's New Era: hyper = above, excess
hypo = under, below

Opposite meanings

DO List 1 A-C   DO List 2 D-H    DO List 3 I-P  DO List 4 Q-Y

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"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things." (Philippians 4:8)

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