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Page date 21 October 2015
questionnaire questioner
Pitman's New Era: questionnaire questioner Vowel
quite quiet Pitman's New Era: quite quiet "quite" is a short form
rarely really
Pitman's New Era: rarely really  
reader writer/rather Pitman's New Era: reader writer/rather "writer/rather" does not strictly follow the rules for doubling, so it is preferable to think of it as a contraction using two Rays. Outlines for words like rotter ratter use the hooked TR as normal.
reassume resume Pitman's New Era: reassume resume  
recall recollect Pitman's New Era: recall recollect  
recurrent recurring
Pitman's New Era: recurrent recurring  
refer revere
Pitman's New Era: refer revere  
reflation revaluation Pitman's New Era: reflation revaluation "Valuation" is a short form
reflect refract Pitman's New Era: reflect refract  
regard regret
Pitman's New Era: regard regret  
renewed ruined Pitman's New Era: renewed ruined  
Pitman's New Era: renouncement renunciation The "m" in "-ment" is omitted.

See also announcement List 1 & pronouncement List 3

requested requisite
Pitman's New Era: requested requisite  
reserves resources
Pitman's New Era: reserves resources  
resist restate Pitman's New Era: restate resist  
reveller reviler Pitman's New Era: reveller reviler  
reverend reverent Pitman's New Era: reverend reverent "Reverend" is an optional contraction, its full version is the same as "reverent"
revolution revulsion Pitman's New Era: revolution revulsion  
rickety wrecked Pitman's New Era: rickety wrecked  
reticence righteousness
Pitman's New Era: reticence righteousness riotousness  
road route Pitman's New Era: road route  
routine written righting writing Pitman's New Era: routine written righting writing  
sacred secret secrete
Pitman's New Era: sacred secret secrete Vowel
said stated told Pitman's New Era: stated said told  
salmon seaman Pitman's New Era: salmon seaman  
salt solute
Pitman's New Era: salt solute  
salutary solitary Pitman's New Era: salutary solitary  
sanely senile Pitman's New Era: sanely senile  
sat seated
stayed/staid stood
Pitman's New Era: sat seated stayed stood  
science signs Pitman's New Era: science signs  
search watch
Pitman's New Era: salutary solitary  
sedate staid staidly steady steadily Vowel
selenium silicon
Pitman's New Era: selenium silicon  
senator sentry Pitman's New Era: senator sentry  
señor señora Pitman's New Era: señor señora  
separate spread support
Pitman's New Era: separate spread support  
served swerved
server swerver
Pitman's New Era: served swerved server swerver  "Swerved" is written thus to avoid the outline becoming indistinct.
"swerve swerving" have F/V hook as normal.
shade shadow Pitman's New Era: shade shadow  
shaker shakier shocker Pitman's New Era: shaker shakier shocker "shocker" is the one that breaks the rule, in order be distinctive from "shaker"
shaman showman Pitman's New Era: shaman showman  
shortened shorthand Pitman's New Era: shortened shorthand  
sideways sidewards Pitman's New Era:  
silver sulphur
Pitman's New Era: silver sulphur  
similar smaller
Pitman's New Era: similar smaller  
situation station circumstances
Pitman's New Era: situation station circumstances  
snow snowy sun sunny Pitman's New Era: snow snowy sun sunny Vowel
solvend solvent
Pitman's New Era: solvend solvent Same outline for both words. Non-theory suggestion: you could use a halved Nd instead of N Hook and halving for "solvend" as it is the less common word i.e. solv-end
spake spoke Pitman's New Era: All archaic words should have their outlines vocalised

"spake" means the same as "spoke"

sparse spurious Pitman's New Era: sparse spurious  
specialised specialist
Pitman's New Era: specialised specialist Vowel
specific substantial
Pitman's New Era: specific substantial  
spirit spiritual
sprite/spright sprightly
Pitman's New Era: spirit spiritual sprite/spright sprightly "Spirit" is a short form, and so "spiritual" remains on the line
stable suitable Pitman's New Era: stable suitable  
statute statue statuette Pitman's New Era: statute statue statuette  
stone-clad stone-cold Pitman's New Era: stone-clad stone-cold  
Pitman's New Era: straightaway straightway "straightaway" can also be written as two words in longhand.

"straightway" is a more archaic version

stricture structure Pitman's New Era: stricture structure  
Pitman's New Era: subscription subsection "subscription" is a contraction
sulphate sulphite Pitman's New Era: sulphate sulphite Vowel
sure surely assure assured assuredly Pitman's New Era: sure surely assure assured assuredly  
surreal, so real
Pitman's New Era: surreal, so real, serial  
table tableau tablet Pitman's New Era: table tableau tablet Vowels helpful
telephone television Pitman's New Era: telephone television  
temperate tempered temperature
Pitman's New Era: temperate tempered temperature  
terbium ytterbium
Pitman's New Era: terbium ytterbium  
thallium thulium thorium
Pitman's New Era: thallium thulium thorium  
thoughtful thoughtfully
Pitman's New Era: thankful/thankfully thoughtful thoughtfully "Thankful/ly" is a contraction and covers both -ful and -fully without the need for vowel signs
thankless thoughtless Pitman's New Era: thankless thoughtless -lessly uses another Ell in the same direction
terrorism tourism truism Pitman's New Era: terrorism tourism truism  
torchlight torchlit Pitman's New Era: torchlight torchlit Vowel
transitional transitionary Pitman's New Era: transitional transitionary  
trinity triunity Pitman's New Era: trinity triunity  
trifle trivial Pitman's New Era: trifle trivial  
tripod torpedo Pitman's New Era: tripod torpedo  
truly utterly Pitman's New Era: truly utterly  
uncombed unkempt Pitman's New Era: uncombed unkempt Vowel helpful
undeniable untenable
Pitman's New Era: undeniable untenable  
national importance
Pitman's New Era: unimportant, national importance Do not use a disjoined N as an intersection for "national" when writing "national importance"
unlikely unluckily
Pitman's New Era: unlikely unluckily Vowel
unsoiled unsold
Pitman's New Era: unsoiled unsold  
upmost uppermost Pitman's New Era: upmost uppermost See also outermost List 3
usher shower Pitman's New Era: usher shower "Shower" = one who shows
Wales Wells Pitman's New Era: Wales Wells Wells is written according to rule, Wales is the exception
wolfish wolf-fish


Pitman's New Era: wolfish wolf-fish  
woman women Pitman's New Era: woman women Position follows the last vowel, to gain a distinction

See also human humane List2

valiant violent Pitman's New Era: valiant violent Vowel
valid veiled valid veiled  
vileness violence Pitman's New Era: vileness violence  
vinaigrette vinegar Pitman's New Era: vinaigrette vinegar  
yea yet yeah
Pitman's New Era: yea yet yeah "Yeah" not in dictionary

DO List 1 A-C   DO List 2 D-H   DO List 3 I-P   DO List 4 Q-Y

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